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From the Vamplets graphic novel series, the Ghost Pony is packaged in its own unique colorful and collectible display box. Collect and display all the Vamplets Mini-Figures to frighten your mortal friends!

These rare and beautiful creatures are only 3 inches tall! His ghostly white body features a mysterious skull emblem on his haunch and forehead. A pink bow wraps around his neck. Their adorable size makes them perfect for mortals and immortals. Vamplets are not little pet shop toys for girls or monster high mini figures or my little pony. They are escaped residents of Gloomvania so do not be deceived by their cuteness.

The Ghost Pony is a creature of legend that is nearly impossible to capture - especially in miniature form! They are the most coveted and wished-upon creature in all of the mortal AND immortal worlds.

The Ghost Pony and other Vamplets are made from soft and flexible PVC plastic that is safe for mortals to play with.

Only a very limited number of them exist, so get yours before these rare Ghost Pony Mini-Figures run out forever!