Mourning Gloom - Bad Luck Fairy

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Now introducing Mourning Gloom, the Bad Luck Fairy. In Gloomvania, bad is good and good is worse. The type of “Bad Luck” she brings is quite desirable to mortals. Horrible things like friendship, fun and fame will be yours in abundance when you invite this fearful fairy into your family.

12 inches tall. Face and body made from polar fleece. Hair is high pile plush. Felt hands and flowers.

Mourning Gloom is one of the many Vamplets living in Gloomvania.


Vamplets are cute, cuddly and rotten to the core baby monsters living in the world of Gloomvania. These Vamplets are cared for in the Nightmare Nursery by Destiny Harper, a hopelessly human teenager who's been tricked into becoming their nanny. There are 24 different Vamplets. Each one has a distinct personality and story.