Rabid Rabbit - VamPET

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Order VamPET Rabid Rabbit and Receive a FREE Bottle of Blood! (OUT OF STOCK)

Guaranteed to have been bitten by at least a Vampyre Bat, Zombie Rat and Gloomvanian Tick.

Warning: Have lots of open space and a variety of chew toys that are expendable since your Rabid Rabbit will wander continuously looking for anything to bite or chew. Otherwise destruction of property is imminent. We have a full line of hideously horrible chew and bite toys which we hope to make available to the mortal world in a few hundred of your years.

The Gloomvanian Adoption Center will only be releasing a small number of VamPETS into the mortal world. The management takes no responsibility for any mayhem and destruction caused by your pet, and suggests strongly that you do not adopt one. You have been warned.

Rabid Rabbit is 7.25 inches tall.