Octavia - Cyclops Baby

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Octavia - Cyclops Baby

A delightfully frightening toddler who will grow to GIGANTIC proportions...Cyclops like to keep their eye on everyone and everything. If you try to suppress Octavia’s inquisitive nature, she will quickly anger, and the full impact of her tremendous strength might lead to the destruction of everything in her path.

Your Warning: For the poor mortal who invites this baby into their home, if angered quickly place Octavia in a Cyclops proof cage (which is usually what we recommend for all of our mischievous little darlings from the Nightmare Nursery) otherwise her tremendous strength may quickly demolish your domicile.

The Gloomvanian Adoption Center will only be releasing a small number of babies into the mortal world. The management takes no responsibility for any mayhem and destruction caused by your baby, and suggests strongly that you do not adopt one. You have been warned.

Octavia is 9 inches tall.