Hector - Vampyre Bat Baby - VamPET

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Hector - VamPET

We make no guarantees for your safety when acquiring one of our Vampyre Bat babies. The purity of their species makes them extremely dangerous though they appear "cute" to mortals.

Warning: If peaceful sleep is what you desire be aware they like late night snacks. The management would like to suggest the purchase of our "bite" proof sleepwear with helmet.

The Gloomvanian Adoption Center will only be releasing a small number of VamPETS into the mortal world. The management takes no responsibility for any mayhem and destruction caused by your pet, and suggests strongly that you do not adopt one. You have been warned.

Hector is 7 inches tall.

When you dare to adopt Hector the Vampyre Bat Baby, we'll donate 10% of your purchase to Bat World Sanctuary. They rescue thousands of orphaned, injured and abused bats each year, and need your support NOW to continue helping these loveable and misunderstood mammals.